Candy is Dandy, but Thrillers Won’t Ruin Your Teeth

By Janet Green, 

You’re a thriller lover: police procedurals, psychothrillers, suspense. You want it all.

You’re picking through the myriad of options, never really knowing what’s going to hit or miss for your tastebuds.  You’re looking for that one Zot candy in the masses, the one that will sizzle your brain and electrify your senses.  Hopefully, it will be a series, so you can latch on for a wild ride with an author you know and trust.

OH! Lookie here:  What’s this?five

Let your imagination run wild, thriller lovers.  FIRST SHOTS has arrived. This insanely affordable (free through 8/16/2013, regularly $9.99, still a helluva bargain) boxed set contains:

FIRST NOVELS IN FIVE SERIES BY BEST-SELLING ARTISANS OF SUSPENSE, as the title goes.  Complete novels! Best-selling authors! Read all about it HERE ON AMAZON.

Now, you have an entire candy store within which to browse with one click of the mouse!  Rick Murcer, Tim Ellis, Gary Ponzo, Dani Amore, Lawrence Kelter — some of the best indie authors in the industry.

My guess is you won’t stop here.  Ultimately, I envision big returns for these authors in terms of readers branching off into other books in their series’.  And big thrills for the readers, who appreciate well-written, eyeball-popping suspense.

Coming from someone who has read most of these books (and ensuing series), there isn’t a bad malted milk ball in the bunch.

Do it.

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