“Under a Colder Sun” . . . You Can Feel It

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Under a Colder Sun is the fourth book I’ve enjoyed by Greg James (London), and there’s a reason I keep coming back for more: his mind is a crazy place, and I love walking around in there. As a writer of #fantasylit, this “crazy place” works well for him . . . and for his readers.

The eBook will officially be released on August 28.. The print book is currently available for purchase at Amazon

Under a Colder Sun speaks of a man who defies death, a woman who defies her father, and a king who defies his kingdom. Of particular interest is the first, Khale the Wanderer, who is both distasteful and heroic; hideous and handsome. I despised him, adored him, and mourned for his soul. So seamlessly tiered was this character, I literally fell into his heart, for better or for worse. Our woman warrior Leste is equally multidimensional but in different ways . . . I will say no more for fear of giving away the cow.

Better than all this are the plot line (solid, smooth, and intense) and descriptions of the lay of the land (I could smell, see, and breathe the desolate domain . . . WOW).

I enjoyed every moment of this book, wouldn’t change a thing. And kudos to James’ editor—for whatever polishing he/she may have done to bring the book to this level—and to his cover designer for a chilling, spot-on portrayal of this “otherworld.”

With enough chit-chat and sharing, I can easily see this #mythicfiction book being the impetus for much literary success for the young Greg James. Oh, and he’s quite the comic as well: Get to know him on Facebook under his release page for Under a Colder Sun, where he has all sorts of nutty stuff going on.

The Lonely Parrot: Not Lonely Anymore

Just look at that face!  That’s JoJo, the inspiration of the children’s book The Lonely Parrot, which  recently won a coveted IPPY award, but more importantly has won the hearts of readers everywhere.  Or maybe it’s JoJo who is the biggest winner of all?  Just look at these reviews!!


Through our exclusive publishing service, thewordverve is proud to present this magnificent children’s book by Lisa Kelley.

Expounding the virtues of responsible pet care and tenderly portraying the importance of positive social interaction in our feathered friends, Lisa not only entertains us, but educates us.  This combination, along with the beautiful artwork by Charles Akins, undoubtedly will continue to catapult this book to the top of the charts, where it truly belongs.

Hot hot hot.  Available through all digital outlets, including the biggies Amazon and Kobo, and in print format by ordering directly through www.thelonelyparrot.net.  (The website is as fun to read as the book!)

You can also purchase the book through her publisher: www.thewordverve.com/the-lonely-parrot/

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