“Forgiving Waters” One Cool Drink

Be still, my heart. The book is released and doing well. Congratulations to former Marine and new author, Kenneth Capps. He reached for the stars and found them with this first novel, Forgiving Waters.

Who wouldn’t love the story of an ol’ cowboy with a soft heart, fighting the ghosts of his steely upbringing when racial boundaries were accepted and expected. In his 70s, cowboy Bo Kelso finds his peace through the most unlikely of suspects: two young fisherboys, plodding along his farmland to fish in the many watering holes on the property — one black, one white.

And more, this story goes beyond race, beyond black and white, to show us the brilliant colors in laughter, compassion, and forgiving.

It is definitely a Book with Verve and is now a fixture on my Favorites shelf.

~~ Janet Green, Wordshaper

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