Ha Ha High Marks for Cohea’s Nutty Humor

Humor columnist Barbara Cohea‘s first novel Intelligent Life on Earth? The Search Continues gets high marks from Readers’ Favorite.  Not just a five-star review, but a review loaded with all kinds of applause for her witty work.  We (thewordverve) are proud to have worked with Barbara on this book, with editing, design, and publishing.  She’s a winner, and we’re madly applauding too!!

It’s a great book to take along with you for bits and pieces throughout your day–a collection of some of her favorite columns for Outreach NC.

Here’s the review link:  http://readersfavorite.com/book-review/12327, and the review itself below:

Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers’ Favorite

“Intelligent Life on Earth? The Search Continues by Barbara Cohea is FUNNY! This entire book is a collection of short essays about… well, about almost everything. All the way through this book, I kept thinking, “This woman should be a newspaper columnist.” After the conclusion of the book, I was delighted to see that she is, indeed, a humor columnist for a magazine called Outreach NC. However, that’s not good enough. She should be a nationally syndicated columnist, appearing in newspapers all across the country. Her astute powers of observation, particularly where the absurd is concerned, should be designated a national treasure. She has a sense of humor that would make a lemon laugh. Even my wife thought she was funny, and that’s saying something. 

“Intelligent Life on Earth shines a light on such globally significant concerns as putting a life vest on a cat, or tasing a rampaging camel. She covers in detail an incident where a swan was used as a weapon of assault, and another case where a fox shoots a hunter. And that was just in the first few pages! There are many important topics discussed in this book: milking a mouse; giving giant chocolate Madagascar hissing cockroaches to your Valentine; how to keep your baggy pants from falling off, even when the crotch is down below your knees; and the sheer stupidity of the multi-layered ‘security’ questions you have to answer just to tell the phone company they overcharged you. Good luck with that one, by the way. “

I have an assignment for you, America. Buy this book; remember, it’s called Intelligent Life on Earth? The Search Continues. Read it. Then contact your local newspaper and convince the editor he/she needs to start carrying Barbara Cohea’s humor column. Let him read your copy of the book, if necessary, but I think we all need a daily dose of this kind of humor. With all due respect to her state, Barbara Cohea’s talent should not be kept solely in North Carolina.

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