March Madness . . . it’s nuts!

Steamy, mysterious, creepy, crazy . . . this book has it all — and it’s just the beginning . . . #MARCHMADNESS BEGINS HERE, folks, with CODE BLOOD RED by Jeffrey Belanger — Do it.
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Handle with Care: Ponzo’s “Touch of Deceit” is Smokin’

Bracco 1by Janet Green, professional wordshaper:

Gary Ponzo’s Touch of Deceit (book one in a three-fer) has been revamped and polished, and I had the pleasure of reading the generous crime thriller last month.

In a word, it’s HOT. The characters are hot (particularly Bracco’s partner Matt, oh be still, my heart), including the ladies; the plot is hot and timely; the writing is smooth and delicious. Hot hot hot.

I can’t believe this is Ponzo’s first book out of the chute. Surely the two that follow in this Bracco series are sure to please.  (Touch of Revenge and Touch of Greed).

Highly recommend you give it a try.  Here’s the author’s site: to get to know him and his books better. You can find the thrillers on Amazon.

From Living in Trash to Creating a Smash: “With or Without You” by Ruta

With or Without YouWith or Without You by Domenica Ruta

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Truly a damn fabulous book. I wasn’t sure what to expect initially, and Ms. Ruta had some interesting creds, and I wanted to try something different than my usual thriller fiction. I’m so glad I did. The dynamics of this mother-daughter relationship TRAGEDY, for lack of a better word, is unbelievably sad and inspiring at the same time. You’d expect the young Ms. Ruta to inevitably make quite a mess of her life, and she does . . . but the strength of this book is in the strength within Nikki Ruta. Never ONCE BLAMING anyone but herself for her past choices, she embraces a different future for herself, always on her own terms. I absolutely loved this book.

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