What Would Cyril Landry Do? #hardreturn

As is the case with most all of J. Carson Black’s main characters, they’re tough and determined — they mean business. CyrilBlack-HardReturn-16446-CV-FT-V3b Landry of Hard Return is no exception; in fact, he may be the bar. But as tough as these characters are, they have a soft heart. Again, Cyril Landry is no expection. A protector through and through. That’s what makes this book so great — you just never know what Cyril will decide to do or think about, because he vacillates between his head and his heart, often uneasily. Hard to do whatcha gotta do when you wanna do what you wanna do. Tension-filled tale as a result.

Would have loved to understand his wife better, maybe see her character fleshed out more. She confused me sometimes in why she does what she does . . . I’ll stop there on that subject, lest I give away the kitchen sink.JCarsonBlack

J. Carson Black’s writing style is primo as always: kind of a “just the facts, ma’am” sort of style, which she delivers in a seemingly effortless fashion. I recommend any book by J. Carson Black to date. Always a winner.

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Five-Star Review Has Us Howling with Delight!


From the Ranch Hero website:

Five-Star Review Has Us Howling with Delight!.

Three cheers for Ranch Hero and the fantastic farm pals!

Unique Time-Travel Tale Will Blow You Away

my-two-lives-smallReviewed by Janet Green.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite, purchased my own copy to support the author via Amazon, and wanted to share my review with our blog readers as well:

Applause applause for this ultra-creative time travel story. In My Two Lives by Jan Hunter, main character Jill Woods is a lovely Brit school teacher in her early thirties, who keeps her life as simple as possible and her heart well-protected—she’s had her fill of bad times, bad luck, and bad relationships. Until one day, while withdrawing a book from the stockroom of the history department at school, she finds herself pulled into a past life, where she works as a governess for a wealthy family. The upheaval of being bounced back and forth from her current life to 150 years ago is almost her undoing as she seeks to understand the reason she has been called to this parallel universe. As she slowly untangles the pieces of her current and former self, the answer becomes remarkably clear, changing her future forever.

This book is about unrequited love and second chances. It’s about laughing at oneself and appreciating one’s gifts. It’s about reconciling one’s past with one’s present. My Two Lives is unique and refreshing, as are the endearing characters who complete the picture. I laughed continuously throughout the story, as the first-person delivery of the tale (all seen through Jill’s eyes) charmed me with self-effacing, good-natured humor. I was pleasantly entertained by this story throughout its entirety. The transitions between main character Jill’s two lives and the message therein is so beautifully done by author Jan Hunter, I honestly wanted to applaud at the conclusion. But then I wanted it to keep going too. I highly recommend this novel, which is quite unlike anything I’ve yet read, and look forward to reading more by Jan Hunter.

Author website is www.janhunterauthor.com.

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Ha Ha High Marks for Cohea’s Nutty Humor

Humor columnist Barbara Cohea‘s first novel Intelligent Life on Earth? The Search Continues gets high marks from Readers’ Favorite.  Not just a five-star review, but a review loaded with all kinds of applause for her witty work.  We (thewordverve) are proud to have worked with Barbara on this book, with editing, design, and publishing.  She’s a winner, and we’re madly applauding too!!

It’s a great book to take along with you for bits and pieces throughout your day–a collection of some of her favorite columns for Outreach NC.

Here’s the review link:  http://readersfavorite.com/book-review/12327, and the review itself below:

Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers’ Favorite

“Intelligent Life on Earth? The Search Continues by Barbara Cohea is FUNNY! This entire book is a collection of short essays about… well, about almost everything. All the way through this book, I kept thinking, “This woman should be a newspaper columnist.” After the conclusion of the book, I was delighted to see that she is, indeed, a humor columnist for a magazine called Outreach NC. However, that’s not good enough. She should be a nationally syndicated columnist, appearing in newspapers all across the country. Her astute powers of observation, particularly where the absurd is concerned, should be designated a national treasure. She has a sense of humor that would make a lemon laugh. Even my wife thought she was funny, and that’s saying something. 

“Intelligent Life on Earth shines a light on such globally significant concerns as putting a life vest on a cat, or tasing a rampaging camel. She covers in detail an incident where a swan was used as a weapon of assault, and another case where a fox shoots a hunter. And that was just in the first few pages! There are many important topics discussed in this book: milking a mouse; giving giant chocolate Madagascar hissing cockroaches to your Valentine; how to keep your baggy pants from falling off, even when the crotch is down below your knees; and the sheer stupidity of the multi-layered ‘security’ questions you have to answer just to tell the phone company they overcharged you. Good luck with that one, by the way. “

I have an assignment for you, America. Buy this book; remember, it’s called Intelligent Life on Earth? The Search Continues. Read it. Then contact your local newspaper and convince the editor he/she needs to start carrying Barbara Cohea’s humor column. Let him read your copy of the book, if necessary, but I think we all need a daily dose of this kind of humor. With all due respect to her state, Barbara Cohea’s talent should not be kept solely in North Carolina.

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