Finding Comfort from Familiar Scents

by Janet Green

JudiLynn’s debut southern fiction novel “FRONT PORCH LEMONADE,” has been making its buzz . . . but few people realize what other wonderful stories JudiLynn has to tell.  Follow her, folks, at  You’ll love her blogs, and she always has great prizes and fun stuff that she gets involved in.

Here’s a blog that she  just posted: Finding Comfort from Familiar Scents.

And don’t miss out on a chance to get a copy of her book –  magnets and recipe cards for her “signature” lemonade are available if you order direct from her and her publisher.  Click here for that special offer.  MENTION “SMELLSGOOD” in your order!


Elena Moves the Masses

Elena’s beautiful book is already affecting masses of people in positive ways. We continue to cheer her on and are thankful for knowing her as a client author and person. The guys at Team Foster are beautiful too. NO CRYIN’ ON THE MAT!! (Elena Stowell and Foster Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)

From her publisher: The Inner Workings of a Reassembled Heart.

Mother’s Every Day

Mother Mom Ma Momma Mums.
Tough job, lots of burdens and stressors
We worry about things that no one else does
No one else sees or feels because no one else can
Rewards are great, yes, but not every day
We get tired like everyone else
Our shoulders will gladly carry all the weight
But sometimes we just can’t
Did you know we hurt sometimes and feel alone
Watching you come home, all grown
Just think about that sometimes when you
Are quick to snap at us, when we make no sense
When we frustrate you
We’re frustrated too
Still, our love bleeds beyond all boundaries
In search of you just in case
You might need us again

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