Something Harder than Believing in Yourself

Something Harder than Believing in Yourself.

The people who change us the most, believe in us the most, Rockwell states.  So, believe in someone and make a positive difference!

Who do you believe in and do they know it?

Political Crime Thriller Sizzles Readers

Books with Verve :: Death of an Intern by Keith Donaldson

Donaldson’s Death of an Intern engages the reader with refreshing, relatable dialogue and personalities, featuring main character Laura Wolfe. Laura is a DC beat reporter who livens up Capitol Hill by solving a murderous crime by the most unsuspected of suspects and generally exposing political smut and smatter.

I think it is because Donaldson is also a playwright that he is able to pull together an active movie in the reader’s mind, so clean is his plot line and interactions.  It certainly doesn’t hurt.  Looking forward to seeing more from Donaldson, and hopefully his beloved heroine Laura Wolfe.

Purchase through Keith’s website, both paperback and e-books.

~~Review by Janet Green, Professional Wordshaper

Poppa’s Day Buzzard Bonanza Starts Today!

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My first “Father’s Day Special” and my first “official” book promotion venture starts today! Yes, I’ve added a new hat, PAID book promoter, but only the ones I’m truly mad about. You should know by now that Buzzard is one of them. One of many first steps I’m taking right now is to sell this now out-of-print Second Edition (FULLY EDITED BY YOURS TRULY) print book. It is no longer available as an e-book . . . until the third edition under thewordverve.

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Psycho-thriller Palindrome Flying off e-Shelves

ImageLawrence Kelter‘s latest novel Palindrome is running hot, as expected. Dani Amore, author of best-seller Dead Wood (another crazy great novel) described Kelter and his Palindrome so vividly and spot-on, I had to share her review:

“Lawrence Kelter is my kind of writer: blistering action, unforgettable characters, and dialogue sharp enough to draw blood. Kelter gives more bang for the buck than any thriller writer I know.”

Janet Green, Editor

A Car, a Man, a Maraca

Books with Verve ~~ in the Pipeline with Jan Green

A car, a man, a maraca walk into a Starbucks and say, “Hey, we’re looking for a   Palindrome.”

The barista shrugs and says, “Okay, so look in the mirror.”

Palindromes can be humorous, sure.  Interesting, most definitely.  But mostly they are mysterious and complicated, much like the vivid characters and snarly hot plot of Lawrence Kelter‘s soon-to-be-released book:  Palindrome.

Mr. Kelter is currently offering a Teaser Pleaser,  the first three chapters of this psycho-thriller NOW.  Click here to read the Teaser, then prepare to enter the Palindrome zone by purchasing this ebook on May 25.  Don’t worry.  I’ll be back to remind you.

You can also find the teaser connection and more through

And yes, the palindrome joke in the introduction is my own material.  Everyone’s a comedian.

Mother’s Every Day

Mother Mom Ma Momma Mums.
Tough job, lots of burdens and stressors
We worry about things that no one else does
No one else sees or feels because no one else can
Rewards are great, yes, but not every day
We get tired like everyone else
Our shoulders will gladly carry all the weight
But sometimes we just can’t
Did you know we hurt sometimes and feel alone
Watching you come home, all grown
Just think about that sometimes when you
Are quick to snap at us, when we make no sense
When we frustrate you
We’re frustrated too
Still, our love bleeds beyond all boundaries
In search of you just in case
You might need us again

“Launching Jim Ross” Begins this Month

Beginning this May 2012, thewordverve inc. proudly presents . . .

“Launching Jim Ross.”

This is a from-scratch author project, where wordshaper Jan and deep-thinker Jim join forces to create an author platform and publishable material for Jim.  He wants to publish.  Jan wants to coach him.

The creative angel on Jim’s shoulder is talking more loudly to him than ever before, drawing his entertaining stories and writing fervor from the confines of his scientific mind.  No more are the hows and whys clearly answered, as he prepares to enter waters of unknown depths and temperatures. Jan acts as coach and encourager, documenting the process and his progress.

Will Jim enjoy the swim? 

Amazon vs. Publishers: The Book Battle Continues

Amazon vs. Publishers: The Book Battle Continues.

Well isn’t this an interesting thought: Print on Demand is not only green, but good business. 

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