Magnetic Personalities

Magnetic Personalities.

“Ranch Hero 2: Mooving Velma” has hit the hot kid lit trail  . . . and a special offer at . . . don’t miss out.

Let’s Get Busy: Aussie Three-Fer


The compelling lure of forbidden and unlikely bonds, both in love and in friendship.

The drama in the fight to soar and thrive over otherwise throttled dreams.

The magic in the beauty of the island continent and the history of its people.

These are the elements that combine to make Southern Skyes a series like none other.  And now you can purchase the first three books of the series, beautifully produced in luscious color and design, for a single price of $25 (USD, exclusive of shipping).

The books are not only a treasure chest of words but also a lovely set to feature on your bookshelf or table.

Become a part of “history in the making.” There is no better way to escape the hurries and worries of today than settling in with the Skye and the McCabe families in this developing series, Southern Skyes.

Order direct from the publisher: and ask for the Aussie Three-Fer!  Offer good through May 15, 2013.

Author site:

View details on the first three books of the series HERE.

Poppa’s Day Buzzard Bonanza Starts Today!

POP’S DAY BONANZA!! FREE GIFT-WRAP AND HANDWRITTEN MESSAGE PLUS BUZZARD BOOK FOR $12. (on Amazon under new/used sellers “bookswithverve” is my store name or you can email me directly for purchase at

My first “Father’s Day Special” and my first “official” book promotion venture starts today! Yes, I’ve added a new hat, PAID book promoter, but only the ones I’m truly mad about. You should know by now that Buzzard is one of them. One of many first steps I’m taking right now is to sell this now out-of-print Second Edition (FULLY EDITED BY YOURS TRULY) print book. It is no longer available as an e-book . . . until the third edition under thewordverve.

I’m counting on my friends to support me in this new venture and benefiting by securing this great gift offer for someone you love. Search for me under “bookswithverve” – that’s my e-store name – under “New Condition” $12.

~~ Thanks for supporting thewordverve and this industry. We won’t forget you!  Janet Green, wordshaper and ** gasp ** book promoter

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