Griswold’s #xmasbracketmadness Champs!

Go Griswolds!


Congratulations to Clark, Ellen and the whole Griswold family for capturing the first #BracketMadness title in the category of Christmas Movies. A no brainer throughout the tournament as Christmas Vacation won handily over every opponent on their way to Title of “Best Christmas Movie”.

Scrooged my favorite movie made a great run to the Finals with some help from Jake Buck and his minions at Friendly Fire in Storrs, CT. I was rooting hard and voting on every IP address I could find but the legion of Christmas Vacation supporters was too much for even me to cheat a victory.

In January we will check in with William Russell from Book #2 in the Ali Armeni Series and see how he did with his football picks in the regular season. (Looks pretty good to this point.) William can give us some advice on who to pick for the playoffs.


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