Christmas Bracket Madness…it’s not just hoops anymore

Christmas Bracket Madness — like March Madness, but with Christmas Movies! What fun!! Join in!


What’s better than sports, movies and Christmas? Not much so with the help of my brother Dan, actually all his doing, we have combined all those favorites into one. THE CHRISTMAS BRACKET MADNESS TOURNAMENT!!!!

Here is how it works. There are 76 Christmas movies that have been seeded into 4 tournament brackets (Elf, Griswold, Scrooged and Ralphie), much like the college basketball tournament. The movies will be in head to head competition according to seeding with the movies getting the most votes earning the right to survive and advance. (You can vote by leaving a comment with your picks or somehow getting on my brother Daniel Belanger facebook page and liking the movie match up of the day)

Here is the schedule and location of events from November 1st until Christmas in the battle for the Christmas Bracket Madness Championship of 2014.

November 1st through the 7th play in matches will take place to get the…

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