The Path to Nirvana is Littered with Empty Beer Bottles

What a riot!! Enjoy, folks!

Strange Times

A vacation, by definition, is a time to get away from your life.  For some of us it’s all about fun, and for others it may be about reflection.  There’s relaxation, connecting with friends or family, or experiencing new places and things.  I had planned this as a working vacation – a time to relax with friends, but also a time for reflection and maybe a little writing.  I had envisioned myself walking into coffee shops with my laptop and spending hours stringing words together in some sort of beautiful and meaningful way.

Of course, things don’t always turn out the way they were planned.  Instead of creating the perfect vacation, I have inadvertently become a major financial contributor to the alcohol and cigar industries.  The most responsible thing I’ve done so far is get a one-hour massage the afternoon after I arrived.  However, instead of enjoying the normally rejuvenating…

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