Home Alone – The Final Day

I think he’s gonna make it.

Strange Times

By the time the police arrived, the aliens had already left and taken our furniture with them.  At least that’s what I told the officer.  The truth, of course, was a much different story, and I had lost much more that just chairs and sofas at last night’s poker game with a handful of my neighbor friends.  I figured an actual police report would make the whole alien excuse legitimate enough for Kim to believe upon her return, even if advanced beings probably had no use on their spaceship for an ottoman that our cats had been using as a scratching post for the last fourteen years.

The cats, incidentally, are no longer duct-taped to the ceiling fan.  They seemed agitated and hungry when I unwrapped the tape to set them free, and neither one appeared to recognize that I was the good guy for rescuing them as they wildly scrambled…

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