Home Alone – Day 4

Strange Times

The fire in the living room had gone out by daybreak, and the gypsies’ resolve in the assumption that this was their house was dwindling.  I credit this realization partly to the sobering effects of running out of drugs and alcohol, and also to the incredibly rude odor emanating from the overflowing litter box.  no amount of smoke could mask that smell, and it was almost pushing me out the door.  Also, there was also the matter of food.  I had none; the gypsies had eaten it all.  I had a plan, and it involved food that was hidden in my secret stash.  Junk food.  Powerful stuff.

I was able to procure two bags of Doritos from my special hiding place in my art studio.  I walked into the living room, shaking the bags as I entered.  My unwanted guests all looked up at once and arose as I slowly…

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