“Launching Jim Ross” Begins this Month

Beginning this May 2012, thewordverve inc. proudly presents . . .

“Launching Jim Ross.”

This is a from-scratch author project, where wordshaper Jan and deep-thinker Jim join forces to create an author platform and publishable material for Jim.  He wants to publish.  Jan wants to coach him.

The creative angel on Jim’s shoulder is talking more loudly to him than ever before, drawing his entertaining stories and writing fervor from the confines of his scientific mind.  No more are the hows and whys clearly answered, as he prepares to enter waters of unknown depths and temperatures. Jan acts as coach and encourager, documenting the process and his progress.

Will Jim enjoy the swim? 


  1. And ends this month . . . for now. A postponement, maybe.
    See http://www.nogoofs.wordpress.com for general details. More to come.

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